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Idea about our organization

Afi Sovi affectionately called her followers Tata Faith is a founder and CEO of JITN Ministries. She is one of those who humbly submit to the will of God. Counselor by profession she resigned from her job when she received the call of God. The Almighty God called her and gave her a clear mandate:I raise you up ! Go and bring back to life everything that is dead!To confirm the call of God and the hand of the Almighty God on her life many lives have been transformed through her around the globe. We have seen families restored back, finances restored, faith restored. People who are dead in their sins come back to life. To reach many people around the world Tata Faith created a conference call program called Resurrection Hour where people from all nations come together for prayer and empowerment.

Some years later she and her husband created an online radio called JITN Radio which broadcasts 24/7 to bring christian musics and encouraging messages from God. This radio has a tremendous impacts on the lives of its listeners in USA, France, Germany, etc. In November 2014 in Togo JITN World Missions is launched to reach the poor in underdeveloped countries as well as the developed countries around the globe. I love to put a smile on the face of the orphans and widows she always says. She and her husband are blessed to be under the leadership of Apostle Abama Kossi Francois of Word of Life Church International in Togo. In 2004 she moved to USA where she is doing the doing the ministry full time. She and her husband are blessed with three beautiful children Rock, Winner, and Kenny. Biography of Silvia and Genevieve has to be in this section also and the biography of the project coordinator who is Kwasi Evu.

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